Last Thursday (Oct 18), I moved the boat from my summer mooring to my winter mooring. My website has now been updated to reflect this change.

Address change.


I have moved the boat back from the winter mooring to the summer mooring. The address on my website has been updated to reflect this change.



In keeping with this statement on my website, nearly all the posts on, and the recently-mirror-ish livejournal are either restricted to logged-in users (OpenIDs are accepted), or friends-locked.

Already having this system in place, it’s not been much additional effort to have a few filter groups in which I can really geek out on some topics without boring the hell out of everyone else who doesn’t share an interest in those topics (not that I get around to that much). I recently added/forked a few topics, so I’m reposting the list (publicly even) to allow you to request inclusion on a filter (or exclusion from a filter) and as a general notice that these access controls are in place. Anyhow, the topic filters I currently have are:

  • Bicycles
  • Burning Man
  • Guns
  • Magick and the Occult
  • Mathematics, Science, and Technology
  • Queer
  • Sailing

Address change.


I have moved the boat from the summer mooring to the winter mooring (well within a couple of slips; the summer occupant of the winter mooring is having engine trouble, and was still there when I arrived). The address on my website has been updated to reflect this change.



Once again, I have moved back to the island (yesterday morning). My website has been updated to reflect my change of address.

Back on the island.


Just brought the boat back to the island. My basic information page has been updated to reflect this change in address. outage


Due to a disk failure in an already degraded RAID array, the main server: went down at roughly 1914 EST (-0500) last night, and all the contents of /home were lost.

The server was brought back into operation at 0103 this morning, and the following websites, largely unaffected by the data loss, were running again:,,,, and (except that the images linked to from are actually on
Mail service also resumed, and no mail was lost.
By 0230, was restored from backup (with the exception of the images which are still being restored from backup as this is being written).
The sudden interruption in service caused a (very) slight, but not automatically repairable error in the database server, which was repaired by 0304.
The gallery2 site, was storing all its images in /home, and they remain to be re-uploaded from their original sources (in at least one case, this is a blessing in disguise).

User directories (and outside sites) have typically been the user’s responsibility to back up. My own user directory is being restored from backup right now (and includes the images still missing from Additionally, for the bulk of mp3s, videos, etc. in the affected filesystem, The Pirate Bay is being used as a backup, since it requires much less effort than heading out of town to get my CDs/DVDs out of storage, and re-ripping them.

In other news, bringing the server down to install a replacement disk also provided an opportunity to switch to a vserver-enabled kernel. I’ve got a few spare IP addresses, and I’m doing some contract work that involves vservers, so if you’ve got an excuse for me to hone my vserver skills a little, I’d love to hear about it. mail misbehaving


Something appears to be going wrong with’s MTA, and this appears to have been the case since June 30. Efforts are being made to fix it. update


Since the upstream provider for had an outage today, the server was moved into the hosting facility during the existing downtime. It is now back up, and DNS updates should all be fully propagated by midnight tonight (EDT, i.e. UTC-0400).

Roughly scheduled downtime.


The rackmountable case for having arrived, there will be some downtime, probably tomorrow or Friday evening, as the guts of the machine are moved into their new body.

There will also be some donwtime in the next couple of weeks as this body is moved to a proper hosting facility.