In keeping with this statement on my website, nearly all the posts on, and the recently-mirror-ish livejournal are either restricted to logged-in users (OpenIDs are accepted), or friends-locked.

Already having this system in place, it’s not been much additional effort to have a few filter groups in which I can really geek out on some topics without boring the hell out of everyone else who doesn’t share an interest in those topics (not that I get around to that much). I recently added/forked a few topics, so I’m reposting the list (publicly even) to allow you to request inclusion on a filter (or exclusion from a filter) and as a general notice that these access controls are in place. Anyhow, the topic filters I currently have are:

  • Bicycles
  • Burning Man
  • Guns
  • Magick and the Occult
  • Mathematics, Science, and Technology
  • Queer
  • Sailing

Address change.


I have moved the boat from the summer mooring to the winter mooring (well within a couple of slips; the summer occupant of the winter mooring is having engine trouble, and was still there when I arrived). The address on my website has been updated to reflect this change.