More downtime

2006.09.16 will be down for a short while in the next week or so while some new disk is installed and set up. Owing to the busy schedule of my *ahem* colo provider (i.e. dancer_flight‘s closet) *cough*, I can’t say for sure when this downtime will happen, but it’ll probably be in the evening and last a couple of hours. During this time websites will be down and mail to addresses will be delayed.

There may also be a few brief (<5min) outages leading up to the upgrade.

Brief mail outage and possible mail problems.


In order to reduce spam, greylisting was implemented on the mailserver earlier tonight. During this upgrade, the mailserver was down for about a minute or two (during which time mail to may have bounced). Also, you should now expect brief delays in the delivery of some of your email to as the greylisting does its job.