Communication status


My new cellphone is now working. The number to call me at is now +1(416)937-5596. This phone has an answering service, so I will generally be leaving it on the boat, as a home phone.

Also, I have now moved to my Winter mooring, and have not yet set up internet access in my cabin (and can no longer walk to the clubhouse to use the internet there), so I will only be checking LJ/mail/etc. from school for the next short while. That said, now that I am on the city side, my being at school (or anywhere else on the city side) is no longer influenced by the availability of tenders, ferries, or water taxis.

Further telephone updates.


I have decided to abandon internet telephony, and subscribed to cellphone service earlier today. There seem to be some technical difficulties, and my new phone isn’t working yet. I suspect that my old prepaid phone is low on minutes, and I will not be adding more minutes to it, so until my new phone works, I will be effectively phoneless.

Since the new phone has an answering service, I will be treating it more as a home phone than as a cellphone (i.e. not carrying it around with me quite so often).

My website has been updated with the new phone number.

Telephone issues


Now that most of the boats at my club are hauled out, I have moved to a mooring closer to the clubhouse. This provides a shorter walk to the showers (now that the weather is getting less pleasant), to the tender, and an internet signal strong enough to be usable in my cabin.

So far, I have been unable to reproduce my previous success making my internet telephony box work. All of the settings on all the relevant hardware (over which I have any control) are the same. I seem to have adequate bandwidth, and reasonably low latency (and a sufficiently non-standard setup to render any technical support from the service provider completely useless)

If the internet telephony remains unreliable, I will abandon it, and my prepaid cellphone in favour of a cellphone with a proper subscription.

At this point, I’d like to believe that my continually referring people to my website for contact information, will prevent the resulting changes in phone number from being too problematic. I’d like to believe this, but I don’t.

Internet telephony


I just got my internet telephony service working from a location close enough to the club’s antenna to get decent connectivity.

I still do not have a usable wireless signal in my cabin, so the only practical change is that I have set up my voicemail on my VOIP number, and that I know the service to work with the type of connection I intend to give it.

I may still have issues with reliability.


Having added my LJ username to the contact information provided on my website, I have decided to protect most of my entries as friends-only in order to maintain this policy.