Abitibi Paddling Adventure Part 5 (Sept. 13 & 16)


The rain had stopped while we were sleeping, but everything was still wet and muddy outside. Fortunately, we didn’t have much farther to go. Also fortunate was that the tide hadn’t washed the canoe away (though it seemed to have moved — not so much as to have caused the tarp covering it to have lost the rocks on the corners holding it down to the ground, or for the canoe to have escaped from under the tarp, but moved nonetheless).
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Abitibi Paddling Adventure 2020 Part 4 (Sept. 11-12)


We woke up all cleaned up, rested up, and comfortable to a breakfast of overnight oats, before breaking camp and setting back out down the river. The weather was a little cloudier than the day before, and not as windy, but still relatively warm and sunny.

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Abitibi Paddling Adventure 2020 Part 3 (Sept. 9-10)


With the temperature having dropped some overnight, we were treated to a gorgeous (if somewhat chilly) foggy morning to breakfast (the last of the bagel and cream cheese) and break camp in.

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Abitibi Paddling Adventure 2020 Part 2 (Sept. 7-8)


We woke up around sunrise on the 7th, got a weather forecast from the satellite, and set to making breakfast. The planned breakfast was stuffed french toast, and the weather was cooperative enough to let us make and eat it before starting any rain — but not to break camp and get on our way. We had to scurry vulnerable things under our tarp as a strong shower passed overhead, before we could finish our preparations to get on our way. Once underway, we had scattered showers and strong, gusty winds pretty much all day. Fortunately, the winds were consistently tailwinds.

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Abitibi Paddling Adventure 2020 Part 1 (Sept. 5-6)


After a couple of months of planning, provisioning, etc., D and I set out for a canoe trip from Otter Rapids to Moosonee, with an optional side-trip to James Bay. We left Hamilton at about 8 in the morning on Saturday (the 5th), planning to drive all day, pitch a tent in Otter Rapids, and then start paddling on Sunday. We figured on having about 155km to paddle from Otter Rapids to Moosonee, and 12.5 paddling days in which to do it before our return train. That said, we were aiming for 8-9 days to get to Moosonee, and the balance to be free to rest up and maybe get that paddle in to James Bay.
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