End of LJ


If this post successfully crossposts to LJ, it will be the last one. Crossposting from my WP blog (kiwano.melon.org) to LJ has been getting increasingly broken and clunky. With the current ToS related departures, I don’t think I have enough readers there to justify continuing with the crossposting. All of my old entries (though not all the comments) were copied over from LJ to kiwano.melon.org via some backup tools back when I started making my posts as crossposts from kiwano.melon.org. Locked posts are still locked on kiwano, and can be accessed by logging in (kiwano.melon.org accepts OpenID credentials, so you LJ/DW/etc. credentials should still work if you don’t want to create a new account).

Anyhow, time to see if the crosspost succeeds and this is my last LJ post, or if my entry a few days ago was is…

Optimizing for Conviviality: Gifts (Part One: Cultivating Generosity)


Over Christmas, the topic of gifts naturally came to my mind as something that there’s quite a bit to say about. Of course it’s taken me a while to set aside enough time to write these thoughts up (in fits and spurts, here and there — further complicated by the that this topic has proven large enough to need to be split into two posts). An upside to this is that the thought of gifts should once again have divorced itself from anxieties around the sense of obligation that seems to be attached to Christmas gifts. That’s not really the sort of gift I’d like to focus on, preferring to look at day-to-day gifts that may be small, intangible, and further removed from the scope of commerce.
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